Thursday, March 27, 2008

Survivor Panel 7: Placing our bets

Survivor Panel 7: Placing our bets by Brad Frenette

Maryam Yay! Tracy's gone. She and her way too big fake boobs were irritating (also scaring) me. Next, I'd like Cirie to walk the plank, if only because she raises her eyebrows (raise) all (raise) the time (raise). And she needs to quit crying about not being comfortable near water. Why would anyone go on Survivor TWICE if they're not cool with open water?!

Jason I'm also not sorry to see her go, and I'll grant that it was the height of stupidity for Cirie to loudly complain about being "out at sea" when there was a boat full of cameras (and I'm guessing rescue personnel) floating right next to their faux-indigenous canoe. She needs to stuff a coconut husk in it. And speaking of the Survivor meal-of-choice, I don't know how much more Erik I can handle. I mean, a coconut tutorial with Ozzie? How precious. You really can't blame Cirie for being disgusted with that.

Mark The fans are being picked off one-by-one. Even Ozzy and Erik's man crushing won't save the shaggy hair lad for long. He might be next. Here's what I don't get: after beating out millions (okay thousands) of other entries and being chosen for the show AND lasting 19 days, why would you suddenly quit? I knew Kathy was crazy, but this time she flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Brad Mark, I concur. Why would she take the spot, or rather, why was she given a spot over what must have been plenty of other Survivor wanna-bes? Perhaps it was the fact that she wasn’t, for the first time, picked by her team to go to Exile Island. Maybe she felt too wanted. And while I hadn’t really noticed how many times Cirie raised her eyebrows,

Maryam, I’m certain it will be all I notice during the next episode.Maryam Sorry Brad. But perhaps we can make this panel a little more lucrative, and take bets on how many times those brows will head to the sky? I think Erik will stick around for at least one more week, if only because he’s male. But I’m interested in seeing Parvati start to work her magic on the ladies of her tribe. I really didn’t like Parvati on Cook Islands, but she’s grown on me. She’s been under the radar since the tribe mix-up, which can only work in her favour.

Jason "I'm never leaving my baby girl or my husband again, for this amount of time ever again." That amount of family values on a game show that isn’t Family Feud is ridiculous. In fact, I have to say, that after defending Krazy Kathy for the first six weeks, I’m beside myself that she could end being a bigger wuss than Joel was a lout. Having said that, I think the real reason why Kathy left was because she was sick of her tribe and their meaningless bickering. I agree: She didn’t seem like Survivor material, but you could say that about Cirie too (she couldn’t tell left from right during the challenge), and she’s a fave. Fare thee well gentle golf course vendor.

Mark I haven’t seen the show in a few years, so I don’t know if they still do that montage in the last episode of all the eliminated contestants. I’m trying to think what clips they will show for Kathy: either her on Exile Island (which I think should be renamed Kathy’s Island) or her crying. Or her crying ON Exile Island. Speaking of wagers, Maryam, anyone want to bet on who makes the final four? I think we’re far enough along to start speculating...

Brad Ok, I’m in. A coconut, some tree bark and a half a chicken on the final four as: Parvati, Ozzy, Amanda and my wild card, Nathalie.

Jason I’ll see your tree bark and raise you a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo: Cirie, Parvati, Amanda and my wildcard: Eliza. Ozzy doesn’t stand a chance against a bunch of gals who are essentially afraid of him. This is truly a game that you can end up losing when you play too well.

Mark Although I think it’ll go all-girls for the final four, I’ll go with Cirie, Parvati, Eliza, and James.


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