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Mastering The Skills Of Chakra Meditation

Mastering The Skills Of Chakra Meditation By: Nigel M

Meditation comes in many different styles and one of these is becoming very popular. The number of people practicing Chakra Meditation is increasing and this is mainly due to the fact that it is easy to learn.

Not only is Chakra Meditation easy to learn but the techniques are easy to remember. Once people have learnt these techniques they don’t want to study any other methods of meditation.

Chakra Meditation focuses on various parts of our body such as your head, heart or any of your major organs. Essentially there are seven chakras situated throughout your body and these are the: heart, navel, perineum, eyebrows or forehead, swadhisthana, throat and the top of your head.

The main chakra point is situated at the bottom of your spine and this is reffered to as your coccyx. The chakras situated within your body are all very important as they are linked to your security and health.

It is normal for people who study Chakra Meditation to be taught that the Chakra is an unseen energy that is situated at the centre of our nervous system which starts at the beginning of the spinal column and runs through your entire body to the top of your head.

Actually many people believe that it is the biophysical energy of a person's body.

As with all styles of meditation, when practicing Chakra Meditation, there are a number of steps that you should follow, especially if you have just started meditating or you are learning how to meditate on your own.

The most important beginner steps to Chakra Meditation are:

1. Chakra Meditation can be done when you are sitting or laying down.

2. You should be comfortable whilst meditating so get into a comfortable position and adjust your clothing.

3. Close your eyes. This will help you to concentrate.

4. Keep your breathing slow, deep and relaxed. Don’t try to control your breathing, just breath naturally and calmly.

5. Locate your spinal passage and become aware of it.

6. Start to concentrate on the areas of all of your chakras whilst meditating.

7. End your meditation session by chanting “Om” three times.

Meditation is very good for the body, mind and soul. Chakra Meditation can help to assist in increasing mental energy, especially if you do not currently do enough physical exercise.

As you will aquire more mental energy you will be able to concentrate on various tasks for longer periods of time and you will be able to solve more complex issues with ease.

This will definitely help you in your everyday life whilst coping with the usual stresses of home and work.

What could you do with your spare time if you were able to do all of your jobs and chores more quickly each day?As with a lot of things in life it is important to do things properly, so try consulting a professional for advice and guidance or reading some books on Chakra Meditation.

These things will help you to achieve your meditation goals more quickly and ensure you are in the best of health whilst being on the path to enlightenment.

By: /Nigel-M

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