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FIFA World Cup - Interesting Facts

FIFA World Cup - Interesting Facts
By Alejandro Guevara Onofre


Did you know- Uruguayan squad, the host country's team,claimed the first-ever Men's World Cup title over Argentina, 4-2.


Did you know- At the II World Cup, Italy, host country, became the first European squad to win a global tournament. The subsequent tournaments were held as follows: 1938 in Paris (France, Europe), 1950 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, Latin America), 1958 in Stockholm (Sweden, Europe), 1962 in Santiago (Chile, Latin America), 1966 in London (England, Europe), 1970 in Mexico City (Mexico, Latin America), 1974 in Munich (West Germany, Europe), 1978 in Buenos Aires (Argentina, South America), 1982 in Barcelona (Spain, Europe), 1986 in Mexico City (Mexico, North America), 1990 in Rome (Italy, Europe), 1994 in Los Angeles (USA, North America), 1998 in Paris (France, Europe), 2002 in Seoul and Tokyo (South Korea & Japan, Asia), 2006 in Munich (Germany, Europe).


Did you know- Bolivia competed in 1950 but not again until 1994 in the United States of America.


Did you know- For the first time, West Germany hosted the global tournament in July 1974. Historically Germany had been competitive in soccer. Under the leadership Franz ("Kaiser") Beckenbauer, the host country-which never finished below sixth place since 1954-- won the X FIFA World Tournament. Outside of the Berlin Olympics (1936) and the Munich Games (1972), this event was the largest ever held in Germany.


Did you know- Tunisia (Africa) placed ninth at the 1978 FIFA World Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Did you know- At the 1982 FIFA World Tournament in Madrid (Spain), New Zealand, a rugby-loving nation, had the worst result for its region -Oceania- in World Cup's history. Unfortunately NZ placed 23rd. For the country, it was its first appearance in the universal event.


Did you know- At the 1990 FIFA World Championship in Europe,Cameroon's football player Roger Milla, one of sub-Saharan Africa's most respected footballers in the 20th century, helped his team towards eighth position, the best result ever for an African country in soccer history.

2002- 2010

Did you know- Brazil -one of the world's biggest democracies-- has historically been competitive in football since the 1950s.The soccer players from Brazil have conquered five out of eighteen tournaments: Sweden'58, Chile'62, Mexico'70, USA'94 and South Korea & Japan'02. In 1950 and 1998, Brazil was runner-up. By 2010, the Latin American nation is attempting to become the first country to win six World Cup titles in football history.


Did you know- The 19th global tournament will be held in South Africa, one of the youngest members of the FIFA. It'll be the largest event ever held in Africa. There's only event that rivals the FIFA World Cup: the Summer Olympics.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sweetest Baby Girl Bedding

The Sweetest Baby Girl Bedding

When people think of little baby girls they immediately envision pink, ruffles, bows, and cozy cuddly baby girl bedding in which to snuggle up with.

Today, you will find that many other colors have been added to baby girl bedding to enhance the beauty and the designs of the bedding for your precious baby girl.

When you shop online, you will be able to choose from many of the top designers and not pay those specialty shop prices.

Not only will you save money by shopping online for you baby girl bedding but you will also have more variety and more designers at your fingertips than you would if you went down the street to the baby store.

Examples of the awesome baby girl bedding you can find online include Sweet Shop by Baby Martex. This is one adorable set that puts your little girl in the center of a candy and ice cream scene, which is more unique than any bedding around today.

The set comes complete with quilt, bumper pad, sheet, and dust ruffle all with ice cream cones, cherries and cutie pies adorning the fabric.

The fabric is created with textured fabrics including tweed, corduroy, chenille, and a shiny Sherpa in combination with a striking multicolor stripe, plaid and polka dot.

However, you do not have to stop with the crib set. For your baby girl bedding they have several other accessories to enhance the sweet shop design that will give the nursery an even more adorable feel.

Other accessories include a diaper stacker, decorative pillows, an ice cream cone shaped pillow, appliquéd baby blanket, musical mobile with 4 sweet ice cream cones hanging down, vintage spindle lamp base, lamp shade, 3 filled wall hangings, and wall border.

Your little girl will know that she is the sweetest of the sweets with this unique baby girl bedding for her room.

Another great baby girl bedding if you prefer something more hip then you may love the Spirograph baby girl bedding by Trend Lab.

This set is a stunning Spirograph print on pink cotton twill, which is accented with a brown ultra-suede frame. The crib set comes complete with 4 pieces, which includes coverlet, bumper pad, sheet and skirt. The adorable coverlet measures 35 inches by 45 inches, the bumper pad comes with 4 piece slip cover with removable stuffer, the pleat sheet measures 15 inches, and of course, the pretty skirt enhances the entire ensemble.

There are other additions to this Spirograph scene, which include a jersey sheet, diaper stacker, fleece receiving blanket, toy bag, three different sized storage bins, and a window valance.

As you can see shopping online for baby girl bedding will be easy and will give you more options than shopping at the nearest retailer for bargains or the exclusive baby Shoppe's for expensive prices.

Giving your little baby girl the prettiest and most in style baby girl bedding on the market today will be as easy as turning on your computer.

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