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Christmas Trees: What's the Difference

Christmas Trees: What's the Difference

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas decorations?

If you said a Christmas tree, you are probably not the only person who guessed that.

Christmas trees have become a staple of the holiday season, yet people oftentimes take their time deciding what type of tree to purchase. This begs the question, what truly makes Christmas trees so different from one another?

The most obvious difference includes their appearance. They all have different growing patterns, colors and shapes. Some can grow at the rate of one foot per year, while others take a longer time to grow. Oftentimes the "perfect" Christmas tree can take many years before it is in ideal condition to be sold.

Trees also vary in width, and selections are often made based on the amount of space available for the tree. Wider trees always look more dense and full, but slender trees can be a great addition to any space as well.

Additionally, the color ends up being on a spectrum of different shades of green depending on the type. Needles on trees can range on a scale of anywhere between blue and dark green to lighter green and silvery-white.

Tree service companies can often explain the things that distinguish the most popular types of Christmas trees, which include the following:

  • Douglas Fir: Douglas Firs grow at the rate of one foot per year in a pyramid shape and live for a long time. They are more full and range in branch color from blue to dark green.
  • Fraser Fir: This type of tree can take anywhere from eight to 10 years to grow and develop before it is ready to be sold. Fraser Firs are more slender, fragrant and have softer needles.
  • Noble Fir: These fragrant trees have large, sturdy branches and take at least eight years to be ready to be sold. Because of its large branches, Noble Firs tend to be more spread out.
  • Grand Fir: Taking eight to nine years to grow, these trees are one of the most fragrant that are available. Grand Firs are also very full with bi-color needles.
  • Blue Spruce: Blue Spruces have more prickly needles, and require eight to nine years for an ideal growth period.

All Christmas trees are different, yet there are safety tips that apply to all trees to keep in mind throughout the holiday season.

When a tree is placed inside of a home, it should not be near any heat sources. According to, more than 200 fires begin with a Christmas tree or holiday lighting every year, so keeping it away from places that heat projects from is best.

Additionally, the more dry a tree is, the more flammable it can become. Be sure to keep the tree watered at all times, to prevent it from drying out too quickly. Signs of a dry tree include brittle branches and needles.

Once it is time for a tree to come down, dispose of it properly, ensuring that precautions are taken throughout the process.

While all Christmas trees are different, they all serve the same purpose: to be a symbol for the Christmas season. Happy decorating!

Christina is a tree expert, working in conjunction with Amazing Tree Services, a tree service company located in New Jersey.

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7 Things to Sell To Make Money Online

7 Things to Sell To Make Money Online

Need a quick way to earn money? Why not sell stuff online? There is actually tons of old stuff lying around the house that can be sold online for an easy buck. Here's a list of things that can be sold to make money online.

Old Clothes

Old clothes are among the most popular items sold over the internet. Old clothes can be anywhere from shirts that the kids outgrew to dresses that are out of style. There is also a great demand for designer items. Most people who can't afford to buy new designer clothes are always looking for the best bargains online.


Once they've bought the designer clothes, people need to find cheap bags to go with them. Handbags are among the fastest-selling items on the web today. That's why surplus selling websites offer up a lot of cash for old handbags. They even pay larger amounts for handbags that come with their original boxes and receipts.


There are times when people receive perfumes that are not their style. Although selling a gift is a battle between need and sentimental value, selling an unwanted bottle of perfume online can generate a lot of money. This is especially true if the perfume is a popular brand or a classic. One catch though, the perfume has to be unopened for the bottle to be worth anything. No one wants a half-empty bottle of perfume unless the seller was a famous actor or something.

Old CDs

Face it, most of the music created today can be bought online and are stored in computers or music players. So why hang on to old CD's? A lot of people make money online through old CDs and DVDs especially if they were in a collection and in pristine condition.

The same can be said for old game CDs. Some gamers have a case of nostalgia and miss playing their old games. That's when they look for cheap second hand game CDs online.


Selling jewelry online can help both men and women make money. Gold jewelry is especially hot in the internet because it never loses its value.

Homemade pieces of jewelry are also best sellers in the market. People can make jewelry out of anything including old soda cans, broken glass and crushed shells. How much they're worth all depends on how unique the pieces are and how well they're made. The same can be said for homemade key chains, phone decorations and brooches.


Although there's a huge market now for e-books, there are still a lot of people who prefer holding the actual books in their hands to read them. 
Books are excellent sellers online, especially for old editions. A really old book in pristine condition can even sell for thousands of dollars.

Old textbooks are excellent items to sell as well. A lot of students prefer to save by buying older editions of textbooks rather than buying the new copies, especially since most new versions have very little or no updates to the content anyway.


Not all people can afford to buy the latest gadgets and so they always look for the best deals they can find. The good thing about selling gadgets is that it doesn't have to be new or unused. Most people will buy gadgets so long as they're working. Plus, whatever type or brand it is, selling gadgets and electronics is a guaranteed way to make money online.

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How To Cleaning Up Bad Credit

How To Cleaning Up Bad Credit
By Sabrina Ashley, eHow Contributor


Your credit history tells potential lenders about how well (or how poorly) you manage credit. A low credit score may not prevent you from getting a mortgage or a car loan, but it usually means higher interest rates and less favorable loan terms.

Cleaning up bad credit is important if you plan to make a major purchase such as a home or car. While you can't improve your credit in one day, there are steps you can take to get a better credit rating in a few weeks.

Credit Reporting Agencies

All of the information about your financial history, credit cards, loans, bankruptcies, tax liens, foreclosures and repossessions is on your credit reports. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the three credit reporting agencies that keep files on your credit history.

The U.S. government requires the three credit agencies to supply a free copy of your credit report each year. After you request your credit files from the agencies, check them for errors that may adverse affect your credit score. If you find incorrect information on the reports, contact the agencies in writing or by phone. Each agency must investigate your claim and remove any incorrect items.

If you have unfavorable, but accurate items on your file like a repossession or defaulted loan, you have a legal right to submit a short explanation that will become a permanent part of your credit file. When a lender looks at your credit report he will read your note. Such a note could prove useful in determining whether or not to give you credit and at what interest rate. There is no guarantee, of course, but it could help.

Ways to Clean Up Bad Credit

There are several things you can do to get a higher credit score. Pay all bills on time. A creditor can report late payments to the three credit agencies, which can lower your credit score. If you anticipate being late with a payment, contact the creditor before the money is due. This shows the creditor that you are aware of your responsibilities. Once you make the payment, ask that the creditor not to report the late payment.

Stop applying for more credit and pay off the credit card balances you already have as soon as you can. Applying for new credit or loans in a short period of time lowers your credit score. It is also a good idea not to consolidate all your loans.

One account with a high balance is seen as financially irresponsible. It is better to have the same balance spread over several accounts. The reason for this is that the ratio of balance to credit limit is better.
There are also legitimate credit counselors available.

Most of these credit counseling agencies are non-profits. These counselors can negotiate lower interest rates on your behalf. They can also help you create a budget and manage your spending better so you can prevent having bad credit in the future.