Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Realize That You Already Possess Time Management Skills

Realize That You Already Possess Time Management Skills by blueboy

I am a big fan of audio books that I find on the Internet. I use them for entertainment and for new information.

One area that I have been looking into lately is a way to improve my time management skills. It may be suprising that time management skills are more important for people who work at home than those who go to a traditional workplace.

I recently made the transition to do telecommuting, and found myself looking through the audio book selections on the Internet to find a good tutorial on basic time management skills.

My first audio book was very encouraging, and promised me that I am already using time management skills every single day.

And it is true that even though I’ve never had a class on time management, I have a way to plan each day.

Typically the items that have a time requirement get put in first: the time the kids must be at school, the time work starts, and the time the kids need to be picked up.

Of course, my work time has become more flexible than before. Other things just make sense, like serving breakfast after everyone gets up and before they leave the house.

The instructor on the audio book said to review how I already scheduled each day, and make sure to keep the good parts of these as they were.

The biggest challenge for anyone with undeveloped time management skills is the day without imposed structures. The audio book program suggested tackling a typical Saturday, where most of the time requirements of job and school are gone for the day.

There might be some soccer matches or dance classes, but there are large chunks of time that can be used for things that are important to my family.

One important reminder from the audio book instructor was to make sure to schedule seemingly unimportant things that are still very meaningful, such as my nightly evening walk with my family.

This particular activity is so beneficial to us, since we get exercise, we wind down after a long day, and we get to talk with each other without any distractions from TV or homework. It is also a high priority for me since it carries on a tradition started in my family when I was a little girl, nearly forty years ago.

Another tip from the audio book instructor is to involve your family in the scheduling process. It might be best for each family member to make their own list of things they would like to schedule into a Saturday, and then come together to talk about them.

Even the youngest members have a suggestion or two on what they would like to do. When your family comes together, realize that there will be too many ideas to fit into one day.

Don’t hold too tightly to your own list, and keep an open mind for new suggestions. One of the main emphases of the audio book program was that good time management skills were to be used to create an enjoyable life, not one that was highly efficient with as many activities crammed in as possible.

The audio book program ended with this advice, and I end with the same advice: the end result of a good time management program should be a life that is truly satisfying, meaningful, and enjoyable

By: blueboy
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