Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Roadmap to Success

The Roadmap to Success
By Pauline Canas

The world we live in today is far different from yesterday. Our existence is not isolated from anything or anyone.

We are now a global community that affect each other and requires accountability, responsibility, sensibility, and the entire abilities one can muster to keep this world safe and sane.

The worldwide leaders although experienced need to be responsive to the woes of its own constituents.

It is interesting to note that people react to events in a similar fashion and that strong leadership and high ethical values make this world a safer place.

Behind all this global talk is our responsibility to nurture the very young. They are the future and therefore require our guidance if we even expect to have a better tomorrow.

There are tons of afflicted and abandoned children. Even parents who wish the best for their own children are not free from the dangers that are lurking just outside their home.

The prevalence of drugs and corruption are hard to break. The children of today need strong education to succeed in the end in order to offset problems or setbacks that are common in today's environment.

The roadmap to success is through preparation and discipline.

The setting of goals goes with preparation. One needs to be clear of the goals in order to obtain the desired outcome.

Discipline on the other hand is a tough one but having a strong desire to perform a task can be the factor that can help our children.

Therefore, we need to inspire our children in some way that is meaningful for them.

We are yet to discover the very talents that our children can produce if we only try and devote our time in creating a roadmap to their success

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