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Insomnia Treatment, Insomnia Causes And Symptoms

Insomnia Treatment, Insomnia Causes And Symptoms
By: Dave Patrick

As a twentieth century affliction, chronic sleeping disorders or insomnia, is more common now than ever. In the U.S alone, tens on millions of people suffer from this life debilitating affliction.

Insomnia Causes

As far as causes go, insomniacs are often plagued with a variety of problems and preoccupations. Some of them are related to physical pain or discomfort, which in turn will keep them awake at night. While others suffer from mental or emotional stresses or disorders.

Trying to sleep when your mind is racing at a hundred miles an hour is surely a recipe for insomnia. To some, the worry of an upcoming week of hard work or stressing over unpaid bills will be enough to keep them awake. To others, an unresolved issue between friendships or relationships can cause them to lie in bed wide eyed throughout the night.

Insomnia Symptoms

The classic symptoms of insomnia and sleeping disorders are; feeling tired, exhausted, and irritable upon getting up in the morning. Not feeling rested or feeling unable to make decisions or being able to concentrate for any length of time. The feelings of being 'thick headed' or punch drunk can be quite common also.

One's inability to operate machinery or drive safely is seriously impaired as any split second decision making can become a problem. Double vision or blurred vision is not uncommon and in extreme cases, the world can seem to slow down around you.

Insomnia Treatments

Some of the tried and tested methods for helping alleviate the symptoms of insomnia work best. Avoid eating a heavy meal before bed, leave at least three hours between your last meal and bed time. Try taking a long hot bath; this can work wonders as your body is completely relaxed.

Always always avoid caffeine in its many forms, not just before bed time but throughout the entire day. If you are suffering from insomnia, leave off all drinks containing caffeine for the immediate future, tea, coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks etc. There are too many to mention here but you get the point.

Allow yourself as long as it takes, laying perfectly still, breathing slowly and gently, observing your whole body feeling more and more numb as the muscles give up the fight and relax. Getting yourself in a relaxed state before attempting to sleep is important. If you try and force yourself to go to sleep while you are still stressed then it stands to reason you’re in for a hard time.

By: Dave Patrick

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