Thursday, February 26, 2009

Easy Tips On Choosing Great Web Hosting

Easy Tips On Choosing Great Web Hosting

For your personal website, you want now more than ever to ensure you've got stable, fast hosting that is loaded with features. If your hosting server goes down every day, as far as your visitors and search engines go, there's no point in your site even existing.

The problem is that picking a good host to someone who doesn't have experience can be quite tricky. To make sure everything goes as cleanly as possible, here are a list of simple suggestions, tips and tricks to make sure your get the most value for your dollar.

There is a common stereotype that setting up and running a website is a pricey or expensive process. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Web hosting needn't be expensive.

There's a ton of trusty web hosting services will host your entire website for less than 5 dollars every month! As long as you don't have a gigantic website that takes on hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, one of these hosting services will be all you need to get started.

In the past years, you used to have to buy a domain name (often for around $100 each), and then go out and pick your hosting plan. Well, not anymore. Any decent web host will provide you with a domain name free of charge. And these aren't just .info or .us or some random type. They are .com, .net and the like.

Remember that you can't really trust most reviews out there. Many of the main review sites on the internet are simply owned by the hosting companies in some way. They're just trying to steer you towards their own company! It's best to ask someone who's been there if you require an honest review of the hosting service.

Always read up on the fine print of your hosting plan. Often times, the rate may be low, but if they charge $150 just to activate the account, it's not so cheap! A quality host won't have an activation fee (or if they do, it will be relatively cheap).

Make sure the company offers proper support. Anymore live chat options in addition to 1-800 numbers are the industry standard.

Also consider what features you need. Is your site going to have PHP code? What about ASP? CGI scripts? Make sure the server will support the types of coding you need. If you don't know what these are, then don't worry about it, since you obviously won't be needing this type of support.

Now all that's left to do is start looking at some hosting sites!


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